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How you can work with us

Reimagining Career Education & Training
For School Leavers

Introducing Our JCareers

Jhive’s alternative careers programme provides support in three main areas:

  1. Apprenticeships:

    To provide pupils, school leavers and parents with knowledge, understanding and access to apprenticeship opportunities. This is so that they are seen as a viable and credible alternative to university.

  2. Alternative Career Education:

    To provide pupils, school leavers and parents with the knowledge about careers and entry routes into a range of occupations and sectors that are not traditionally explored within the Jewish community.

  3. Corporate Sponsored Qualifications and Internship Programmes:

    To provide an overview and advise school leavers and parents on a range of corporates sponsored qualifications and school leaver internship programmes.

We focus on these three areas:

  1. To ensure that apprenticeships are viewed as a viable and credible alternative to university. In addition, to also ensure that opportunities are accessible to the Jewish community through corporate partnerships.
  2. To ensure that we equip the next generation with knowledge, access to support and guidance across a range of alternative careers that have not traditionally been explored by the Jewish community.
  3. To ensure that the next generation knows a range of corporate qualifications and internship programmes suitable or aimed at school leavers.

How We Work with Corporates

We work in partnership with corporates as a Social Value provider or as a supplier of diverse talent. We connect corporates to a range of Jewish candidates that have left school with no qualifications or have completed some GCSEs and / or A-levels. We help ensure that your candidate pipeline and workforce includes Jewish representation.

We can work with you to arrange workshops and events, training courses, job fairs and Jewish Heritage programmes for prospective candidates. We can also partner to launch access programmes for specific segments of the Jewish community that are underrepresented. 

Our team can offer guidance on Jewish practices and provide an overview of the segments that make up the entire community. We can also provide guidance on potential barriers to employment when working with different sections of the community that may not have been considered. 

Please take a look at our focuses below and contact us to discuss how we can work together

How You Can Get Involved

Engineering instructor working on building site with apprentice

Showcase your Apprenticeship scheme to Jewish School Leavers.

  • Work with us to arrange an open day to explore apprenticeship opportunities and an overview of working within your sector.
  • Work with us to help you find relevant Jewish school leaver applicants interested for your apprenticeship programme.
  • Participate at our job fairs, open day events and workshops for prospective applicants.
  • Work with us to create a Jewish Heritage Hiring programme to encourage more representation in your sector or to support marginalised sections of the community that have no qualifications and/ or school leavers from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

  • We can advise you on potential barriers to entry when recruiting from the Jewish community. This will ensure that your process is inclusive across the different segments of the community.
Rear view of students attentively listening to male teacher in the classroom

Provide Career Guidance and Mentorship to Jewish Pupils & School Leavers

  • Work with us to provide career guidance and mentorship across a range of careers not traditionally explored in the Jewish community. Such as technology services, general insurance, construction, innovation, the motor industry, the creative industries, venture capital and the entrepreneurial sector.

  • Work with us to provide a career fair where pupils can learn about a range of occupations and sectors.

  • Work with us to provide work experience opportunities for school pupils and school leavers


Showcase Training Courses & Internships to Jewish School Leavers

  • Partner with us to present your internship programme to school leavers  
  • Partner with us to present your fee-based training courses to school leavers
  • We can help you present corporate-sponsored training courses, government-sponsored courses and suitable e-training courses to school leavers.

  • Work with us to present your course or internship programme at our annual job fair.

Partner with us

Please complete the form below. Once completed, we will setup a call to discuss ways in which we can help you.

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