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Jewish Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Support to Corporates

In Britain, there’s a concerning rise in antisemitism, with current levels being some of the highest observed in recent times. Antisemitism, a form of racism, has manifested itself in numerous incidents. Between October 7 and December 13, following the Hamas attack on Israel, the Community Security Trust (CST) in the UK recorded 2,093 antisemitic incidents which it said was the “highest ever total reported to CST across a 68-day period.

Recent data from the Home Office reveals that Jews are 500% more likely to be victims of hate crime than members of any other faith group. Furthermore, there’s a growing normalisation of antisemitic attitudes.

We also see a deeply troubling normalisation of antisemitism, with 46% of British adults affirming at least one antisemitic statement. This is according to the Campaign Against Antisemitism’s latest Antisemitism Barometer report, conducted with King’s College London and YouGov which was released in December 2023. These worrying trends have serious implications for the safety of Jews in the workplace and also for hiring Jews into the workforce where identifiable visible and non-visible characteristics can sadly play a role in the discrimination against Jews at the application stage.

‘Blind’ hiring can counteract some of these effects by providing a fairer process. However only 35% of UK businesses practice this according to Adecco. However, for those that practice blind hiring, it does not prevent biases towards Jews from forming during the interview process. This is when identifiable data is revealed, like a Jewish sounding surname, or when externalities like a Kippah (a Jewish head covering) are visible.

Corporates have a responsibility for ensuring Jews continue to be represented in the workforce. They must also ensure that antisemitism does not impede hiring, and that Jewish employees feel safe at work.

This is why we provide JEDI (Jewish Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) workshops and support to corporates so that they can learn about the Jewish community, partner on employment initiatives and foster dialogue, engagement, and collaborative initiatives with the wider Jewish community. To learn more about our JEDI training initiatives for corporates, please click here.

In addition to our support for corporates, Jhive offers workshops to EDI staff and Jewish employees looking to set up Jewish communities within their firm. To learn more about our JLaunch workshops, please click here.

Alternative Career Education in Jewish Schools

To say that we dominate in every sphere is far from the truth and it is antisemitic to make such a statement. As far back as the Middle Ages, Jews were severely limited by the ruling authorities as to what professions they could engage in. This ‘limiting’ approach still has an impact today. Where as a community, we encourage the next generation to pursue a narrow set of careers which sadly has not evolved or changed with the times. 

As a result, career education in Jewish secondary schools is at very best stagnant. It has not kept up to pace with new and evolving sectors, such technology developments which have created new opportunities. No thought has been given to alternatives to university education which is being devalued as we speak or the impact of AI in regard to career choice.

In spite of this, we continue to encourage the next generation to pursue these ‘narrow’ career paths with a focus on university education. Students who are not interested in or academically suited to pursuing fields like medicine, law, finance or banking, which typically require a university degree, often struggle in forging a career path after leaving school. For some this takes place at a later point following a period of Judaic studies. Many in this category settle for menial jobs in retail or administrative capacities with little to no prospects for training or career development. 

This is why we see a vital need to kickstart awareness and starting points about apprenticeships before pupils decide on a chosen career path. Apprenticeships need to be presented alongside university as a credible and viable option. As a start, Jhive have launched their JCareers programme in partnership with corporates to present apprenticeship opportunities in a range of sectors.

Linked to apprenticeships and university education is the need to increase the career aspirations of the next generation. As a community, we by and large have not explored careers in sectors. Such as technology services, general insurance, construction, innovation, the motor industry, creative industries, or entrepreneurial fields. Across the Jewish community as a whole, we lack societal role models and guidance related to these fields, and as a result, we are underrepresented in these sectors.

If we look towards the Strictly Orthodox segments of the community, many are absent from ALL corporate sectors and are consequently underrepresented. 

As part of our JCareers programme, Jhive have made it their focus to partner with corporates to introduce opportunities to the Jewish community in sectors where there is room for more representation.

To work with Jhive on our JCareers programme, please click here.

Igniting Jewish Entrepreneurship across the Globe

If we want Jewish entrepreneurship to flourish in the Diaspora and Olim communities, we must provide our founders with the right conditions to succeed. This includes providing them with dedicated startup support, a community and a fund that invests in them.

To do this successfully, we need a pluralistic approach that includes everyone, Orthodox, non-Orthodox and unaffiliated founders alike. 

Jhive are leading the way with their pluralistic international Jews-In-Tech network. Jhive are also building an international community for startup pre-founders and founders in 21 cities across the globe called FourByTwo.

To learn more about FourByTwo, please click here.

To learn more about Jews In Tech, please click here

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