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Attend our JLaunch workshop to learn how to create and launch a Corporate Jewish network within your company.

Create a Jewish network within your company

With unfortunate levels and the normalisation of anti-semitism, Jews need to support each other in the workplace by setting up communities. This is needed for safety and representation but also to form bonds, allyship and find common ground with other community groups that already exist within corporates.

Corporate communities, sometimes referred to as Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), already exist in firms for a range of ethnic, religious and gender groups. However, very few exist for Jews which is lacking in over 95% of medium to large size firms across the UK that have ERGs or community groups.

When looking to setup an ERG within your firm, you may often hear the rebuttal that we do not create ERGs for religious groups. Jews aren’t simply a religious group. We are first and foremost an ethnic minority and are legally classed under race relations legislation; and have had a collective identity for millennia, regardless of whether someone is religious. Some people may be Orthodox while others are atheists but all of us are still part of the Jewish people. It is therefore our right to stand up and be counted alongside other ethnic community groups within corporations.

Book and Attend our Workshop

We run a half-day workshop for Jewish employees and EDI staff wanting to learn how to create, launch and manage a Jewish community within their firm. 

The workshops are led by a team of Jewish Employee Resource Group leaders with experience in setting up and launching Jewish communities within corporates.

The goal of the workshop is to equip participants with the knowledge and strategies needed to initiate the establishment of a Jewish Employee Resource Group

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