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Jhive leading the way with their Jewish EDI workshops for corporates and Jewish employees

In the midst of the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, the world has witnessed a disturbing rise in antisemitism. This trend has worryingly seeped into workplaces, risking division and isolation. Amidst this backdrop, the importance of Jewish equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in corporate settings cannot be overstated. Recognising the urgency of this issue, Jhive, founded by Daniel Levy, is at the forefront of advocating for Jewish EDI. Daniel’s personal experiences of antisemitism, both inside and outside the workplace, were a pivotal factor in establishing Jhive.

Since October 7th, Jhive has organised workshops, talks, and participated in multi-faith roundtables. Additionally, it has conducted surveys in November 2023 and March of this year, exploring how Jews feel about being Jewish in Britain and in the workplace.

This week we ran a workshop on, “How to Create, Launch and Manage a Jewish Employee Resource Group (ERG) in Your Company,” which was designed for Jewish employees and EDI staff interested in forming a Jewish ERG within their firm This event was especially tailored for individuals in medium to large-sized firms. Featuring leaders of Jewish ERGs and an EDI leader from NatWest, Google and EY. The workshop provided participants with the knowledge needed to effectively initiate, launch and manage a Jewish ERG. As one participant remarked, “The workshop was super helpful! It provided a foundation on how to start the process.”

Following this, Jhive hosted a facilitation workshop titled ‘Navigating Challenging Times: How to Support Your Jewish Colleagues,’ aimed at EDI, People, and HR leaders. Led by psychologist Dr Ben Levy, the session’s goal was to enhance understanding of the experiences and emotions of Jewish colleagues in the workplace, offering practical strategies to foster a positive, inclusive, and productive environment. Participants also heard from Lucy Silverstone, Legal Director at CBRE and Co-Chair of the CBRE UK Faith Network, who discussed initiatives that had landed well post-October 7th. Feedback so far has been positive, with one participant remarking, ‘The session was very helpful in terms of planning the next steps that can be taken as a firm to help Jewish colleagues.'”

These initiatives by Jhive come at a critical time, reflecting a broader imperative for corporates to stand in solidarity with their Jewish employees.

As Daniel Levy, founder of Jhive remarks, “When companies selectively demonstrate solidarity but remain silent on antisemitism, it sends a definitive message about whose safety and dignity they truly prioritise.”

The observed inconsistency in corporate reactions to various global crises highlights the pressing need for a consistent and sensitive approach towards addressing antisemitism and supporting Jewish employees.

By advocating for the formation of Jewish ERGs and facilitating discussions on aiding Jewish colleagues, Jhive is paving the way for change. With numerous initiatives underway, these efforts are moving towards creating a workplace where Jewish employees feel acknowledged, heard, valued and included, mirroring the broader inclusivity and respect extended to other ethnic groups.

The unfortunate reality that individuals in our community feel compelled to hide their identity at work serves as a stark wake-up call for corporate leaders. It urges them not only to ‘explore’ but also to ‘implement’ effective ways to support Jewish employees, focusing on their wellbeing and safety.

As Daniel states, “’Implementation’ is the key to achieving real change. This is crucial for ensuring that Jewish employees, like all others, can flourish in environments free from antisemitic aggression and acts of hostility. Embarking on this journey demands a collective effort, with Jhive leading the way.”

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