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Create Inclusive Workplaces for Jews

At Jhive, we seek a world where all Jews feel welcome, respected and represented in the workplace regardless of their affiliation or belief. 

We believe workplaces should be free from anti-Semitic abuse. No one should have to tolerate such abuse or suffer in silence. Jewish Inclusive workplaces have a huge part to play in this making this world a reality. But inclusion is not a given.  

With rising anti-Semitism in the UK and aboard and increasing negative sentiments towards Jews. There is now more than ever a vital need for all corporates to understand and have practices in place to support the needs of Jews in the workplace.

What we offer

We provide corporates with training in a number of areas which include: knowledge of Jewish practices, understanding different sections of the Jewish community and guidance for dealing with anti-Semitism and discrimination in the workplace and in the recruitment process.

We help corporates in setting up Jewish community within their firm (also known as an Employee Resource Group). For more information on this workshop please click here. 

We also help corporates to understand how they can support Jewish colleagues post October 7th. For more information on this workshop, please click here.

To find out more about our training and support programmes, please complete the form below. 


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