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jCareers Open Day – Apprenticeships in Construction (Day 2)

On a July 5th, Jhive alongside Galldris and Related Argent, took another significant step to showcase the construction industry’s myriad opportunities for the Jewish community. Our second Construction Open Day was a testament to the growing interest and participation of our school leavers.

One of the highlights of our day was the invaluable insights shared by two apprentices, each on a unique path within the construction sector. Their stories are a beacon of hope and a guide for others contemplating a similar journey.

The first apprentice shared their leap into construction immediately after school with GCSEs, driven by a desire to learn and earn simultaneously. Embarking on a groundwork apprenticeship, they have been learning and working on building the foundations of buildings with a mix of learning in class and hands on training, work experience and building up a portfolio of evidence-based work.   Their experience emphasized the balance between on-the-job work, training and classroom study, highlighting the comprehensive learning that apprenticeships offer, blending practical skills with theoretical knowledge.

The second apprentice, who left school after A-Levels. He initially joined as a groundworker, and then pivoted towards a career path that set them on course to become a site manager. This transition from groundworker to aspiring site manager highlights the dynamic nature of construction careers, where practical, on-the-ground experience is invaluable and often opens doors to managerial and supervisory roles in other areas across the construction sector. 

The impact of our Open Day was perhaps best summarised by Josh, a participant who remarked, 

“The event was a real eye-opener. I have never considered a career in construction and wasn’t aware of the variety of opportunities that existed in the sector. This has been really helpful, and I would like to explore this sector further.”

As we reflect on our second Construction Open Day, we are filled with hope
and determination. The stories shared by our apprentices and the feedback from
participants like Josh remind us of the power of exposure, education, and
encouragement. We are more committed than ever to continue our efforts,
ensuring that the path to a career in construction is not only visible but also
accessible to those who seek it.

Our journey does not end here. We are already planning future events; each
designed to further demystify the construction industry and support our
community’s youth in finding their place within it. We look forward to sharing
more stories of success, more opportunities for growth, and more moments of

Stay tuned for what’s next, and join us as we continue to build futures, one
brick at a time.

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