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jCareers Open Day – Apprenticeships in the Technology Sector

In a dynamic world where technology shapes our daily lives, understanding the breadth of opportunities within the tech sector is crucial for the next generation of professionals. Recognising this, Jhive, in collaboration with Pareto, took a significant step forward by hosting an insightful Open Day focused on demystifying the technology industry for young talents from the Jewish community. This event, held on the 12th of September, was not just a gathering but a beacon of guidance for those standing at the crossroads of their career paths.

The core of the Open Day was to illuminate the various entry points into the tech sector, with a particular spotlight on launching a career in technology sales through an apprenticeship route. It was a chance to break down barriers, showcasing that the tech world is accessible to all, regardless of their starting point. The event attracted a diverse group of school leavers, each at different stages of their career journey but united by a common curiosity for what the tech sector holds for them.

Thank you for putting on the Technology Sales apprenticeship event. It gave me a new insight into sales. I’ve found it very informative and helpful. It’s given me motivation to dive into this field.


A Deep Dive into Technology Sales

One of the day’s highlights was a presentation exploring a career in technology sales, a field often overlooked by newcomers to the tech industry. Participants were guided through the minimal barriers to entry, the application process, and how the apprenticeship scheme, in partnership with Pareto and various corporates, offers a blend of training and work placement opportunities. This segment shed light on the practical steps to embark on a technology sales career, making the journey seem less daunting and more achievable.

Engaging Panel Session:

The event culminated in a panel session featuring a representative from Pareto and two individuals from the Jewish community who have carved out successful careers in technology sales, spanning entry-level to senior management positions. This was a golden opportunity for attendees to gain insights from those who have walked the path before them. Questions flowed, covering how to break into the sector, training experiences, and invaluable advice for those considering technology sales and other tech-related careers.

Looking Forward

Feedback from participants underscored the Open Day’s impact. Many attendees, exploring the tech sector for the first time, found the day incredibly enlightening, while others, who had a vague idea of their preferred career paths, discovered clear entry routes into the tech world.

The success of the Open Day is a testament to Jhive’s commitment to empowering the Jewish community with knowledge and opportunities in the burgeoning tech sector. As we continue to navigate a world increasingly reliant on technological innovation such as AI and FinTech, initiatives like this are vital in preparing our youth for the challenges and rewards of the future workplace. Jhive, alongside partners like Pareto, is proud to have laid another brick in the foundation of a more diverse, skilled, and inclusive tech industry.

Stay tuned for more updates and events from Jhive as we continue to connect talents with their dreams, one career at a time. Together, we’re not just witnessing change; we’re actively participating in shaping a brighter future.

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