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About Jhive

Find out more about our mission, how we got started, what we do and who we help in the community.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to build a brighter Jewish future for entrepreneurs, ensuring workplace safety for Jews and promoting alternative career education.

How We Started

Jhive was founded by Daniel Levy in 2010 as a LinkedIn group where people could connect to find jobs. People found jobs through interactions within the group, which grew to over 1500 members across the UK. After LinkedIn reduced group visibility and connectivity over time, the group was no longer as effective as it used to be.

When we entered COVID, Jhive saw a need to bolster support alongside other organisations in the community. This was to help people made unemployed during COVID. With support from Airtable we launched a job board website for the community in 2020. Candidates could post their profiles and find opportunities posted by a variety of companies and organisations. We also launched a Whatsapp group, which provided another outlet for people to find work and support with their job search. The service to date has operated on an ad-hoc basis with support from a small team of volunteers with no funding to date.

Where We Are Now?

In 2022, Jhive repositioned itself to focus on three critical support areas that were not being met by the Jewish community, namely

  1. To establish a bridge between corporates and the Jewish community to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment for Jewish employees. And also to connect corporates with the wider Jewish community to engage in collaborative initiatives.

  2. To deliver alternative career education to schools with a focus on apprenticeships and widening career education to include sectors where more representation is welcome.

  3. To provide a supportive localised communities both in the UK and overseas for entrepreneurs looking to upskill, launch and scale their startup.

Meet Daniel Levy

Founder of Jhive

About me

Daniel Levy has spent over a decade and a half working in the entrepreneurial sector. He saw a need to launch Jhive which ignites Jewish entrepreneurship across the UK and overseas. Daniel believes that in order for entrepreneurship to flourish, we need to provide our pre-founders and founders with the best conditions to succeed for all segments of the Jewish community.

Having experienced antisemitism both inside and outside the workplace. Daniel does not believe we can solve the problem of anti-Semitism, however we can mitigate it by creating safe spaces for Jews within corporates and building bridges through dialogue, allyship and finding opportunities to collaborate together.

Daniel also sees a vital need to extend career education in UK schools to include apprenticeships as an alternative pathway. He also sees a need to widen the career horizons of the next generation to explore sectors that traditionally have not been explored. Partnering with corporates will help us achieve this aim.

Trustees & Supporters

Jonathan Levy

Partner, AccountsPro

Jonathan runs an accounting firm with previous experience working in start-ups, corporates and charities including JNF where he worked as a Finance Director. Jonathan is also a Rabbi Sacks Scholar where he takes an interest in education and training with previous board experience across synagogues and welfare bodies. He brings wisdom and experience to our candidates as a career mentor and also as an adviser on all things charity and startup related.

Spencer Shaw

Chief Technology Officer, QuickBus

Spencer has been a supporter of Jhive since its inception, when he was our first success case. Spencer has worked in technology for over a decade and a half and is a London Tech Advocate. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer at Quickbus where he is responsible for leading technology services. He co-leads JIT (Jews in Tech) which is a global community and is passionate about furthering the careers of others in technology and innovation.

Jamie Shalson-Marshall

Innovation Lead, Sundown Solutions

Jamie has spent over a decade and a half working in the technology, hedge funds, finance, and startup sectors. His work with clients that include Citadel, Bloomberg, and SpaceX, alongside engagements with key C-suite executives. Jamie’s adeptness at building partnerships across global markets has been pivotal in launching ventures in the PropTech, TravelTech, and transportation sectors. He is currently focused on developing AI solutions within these verticals. His passion for mentorship and charity fundraising reflects a deep commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial talent and supporting community initiatives. Jamie volunteers for the Community Security Trust and brings to Jhive his expertise around fundraising and supporting early-stage entrepreneurs.

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